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Forbes Agency Council {{article.article.magazine.subscription_text}} Is SEO worth your investment? There are two ways to answer that question: What are incremental increases in search positions worth to your business? And what are the cost alternatives if you don’t do SEO? Let’s dive into both answers. (Warning: There are lots of numbers, percentages and dollar signs coming your way. Get ready!) Here’s a simple equation to determine whether SEO is worth it: Multiply keyword search volume by expected click-through rate times average conversion rate times average order value. (Keyword search volume X expected click-through rate X average conversion rate X average order value) Let’s say you’re looking to rank for the term "digital marketing company." According to, the term “digital marketing company” is searched for 900 times per month. Based on studies and analyses of our own clients, expected click-through rates for first-page search positions on Google are around: Let’s assume an average conversion rate of 2%, with an average order value of $2,000 per month for digital marketing services. Now, let’s put these numbers into our equation, assuming that we rank No.

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